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Vastu Elemental Frequencies

Vastu Elemental Frequencies

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What's Included:

Audio frequencies for each element in your home.- Instant Download

1 X North - 141.27 Hz (Planet : Mercury | Element : Water)

1 X East - 126.22 Hz (Planet : Sun | Element : Air)

1 X South - 144.72 Hz (Planet : Mars | Element : Fire)

1 X South West - 210.42 Hz (Planet : Rahu | Element Earth)

1 X West - 147.85 Hz (Planet : Saturn | Element : Space)

Understanding the Three Vital Frequencies:

  1. Land Energies of Foundation: The frequencies emitted by the land your home is built on. This could be positive or negative.

  2. Horizontal Traveling Frequencies: Circulating in a circular motion through your home, these frequencies are influenced by external factors that surround your house like hospitals, police stations, prisons, or cemeteries because the individuals there are unhappy or have evil attitudes.

  3. Thought-Infused Frequencies: The energies created by the thoughts of those living in and visiting your home play a crucial role in shaping your reality. 

Unlock the Power of Five Elements:

While the 1st (first) and 2nd (second) type of frequencies may be beyond our control, the 3rd  (third) type is where transformation begins.

These Vastu Elemental Frequencies introduces five distinct frequencies aligned with the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.

How to use the Frequencies:

  1. Stand in the approximate center of your home.
  2. Utilize a compass, readily available on your smartphone.
  3. Identify the five areas based on the provided chart.
  4. Move to the particular area based to chart.
  5. Once every week, on your phone or speaker, play the audio frequency aligned with the specific element.
  6. Play the audio frequency in this sequence: 1st North - 2nd East - 3rd South - 4th South West - 5th  West

Results Beyond Expectation:

In just 50 minutes every week, you can witness the astonishing transformation of your living space. Feel the vibes of your home changing, resonating with powerful and positive frequencies that align with the elements.

This simple ritual empowers you to take control of the energies within your space, creating an environment conducive to success, happiness, and overall fulfillment.

Key Benefits:

  • Harmonize Your Home: Achieve balance and harmony by aligning with the elemental frequencies.
  • Positive Energy Flow: Experience a positive impact on health, wealth, relationships, and career/business.
  • Easy Integration: A straightforward process requiring minimal time commitment for maximum results.

Elevate your lifestyle, enhance your well-being

Welcome the Vastu Elemental Frequencies at your Home today. 

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