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An astounding amalgamation of Wealth, Love and Courage.

Green Aventurine is the “Stone Of Opportunity” in the world of Crystals, Green Aventurine Bracelet will help you to see an abundance of opportunities all around you. More so, this crystal will inspire the courage you need to go after those opportunities, whether that means further studies abroad, applying for job, starting a new business, asking for a raise, or any other acts of bravery!

Rose Quartz is the Stone of “Unconditional Love” in the world of Crystals, Rose Quartz Bracelet equally powerful for manifesting new relationships and deepening existing ones whether it's the relationship you have with yourself, a romantic partner, or friends and family. Whenever you're seeking more love in your life, this is the go-to stone."

Tiger’s Eye which is known as “The Stone of Confidence” in the world of Crystals, Tiger’s Eye Bracelet brings good luck, prosperity and optimism to its wearer. This bracelet features tiger eye crystals in a beautiful combination of colors and textures, which grabs the attention of everyone. It is believed to reduce anxiety and depression, and can help you feel more confident when wearing it.

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