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Tree Of Opportunity

Tree Of Opportunity

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Tree of Opportunity

This Wishing Tree, is believed to be used to manifest the wishes of its owner.

This Tree is made of 100% Natural Green Aventurine Stone, which is considered as one of the best stone to attract abundance and success.

Ancient Romans used this stone (also known as “Stone of Opportunity”) as an amulet for beguiling good luck in their adventures.

According to the Feng Shui, this luck tree stimulates the Heart Chakras, which is believed to foster optimism, enthusiasm and endless positivity.

This Tree helps its owners to convert their nervousness into burning desire and urges them to come out of their comfort zone to embrace new challenges.

This Tree can push you for adventures with constant endeavors and maneuvers.

This Tree can trigger leadership qualities and helps its owners to grow as an iconic individual

Therefore, Tree of Opportunity is the perfect choice for those who want to prosper in their Career.


# It attracts abundance and opportunities.

# It fosters positive force, zeal and vitality.

# It opens up new avenues of Career.

# Recommended for growth in Business and Career.

Instruction: How to use it?

# This Tree can be kept in the East portion of your home or office. 

# Keep this tree close to your Vision Board.

# Write your Ideas on plain paper and keep near this tree for maximum benefits.







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