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Tiger Eye - The Stone Of Confidence

Tiger Eye - The Stone Of Confidence

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Tiger Eye is a Powerful Raw Stone, used since ancient times by Egyptians and Romans as a symbol of Power!

It is a metamorphic rock with red-brown color and a golden luster like Tiger, also used as shield from an evil eye and negative powers.

This Stone is most effective on root chakra, that ignites the Inner Flames to make you Bold and Confident.

Tiger Eye is also known as the "Stone of Courage".

This Raw Stone helps you in releasing your Fear, build up your Courage and boosts you in manifesting your Goals.

Tiger Eye allows you to remain calm, focus your mind, think objectively and enhance your Decision Making.

If you want to take charge of your personal power and prevail over emotional blocks, this Stone is perfect.

This Stone promotes Vitality and Power.

It keeps you ahead in Competition.


Benefits of Tiger Eye: 

> Tiger Eye banishes Fears and Insecurities.

> Tiger Eye works on boosting Vitality and Inner Strength.

> Tiger Eye keeps you ahead in Competition.

Instructions for use:

  • Keep in your Pocket or in your Bag.
  • Carry them with you in all your Important Works or Meetings.
  • You can wear them in Pendant or put it into a Ring.
  • Make sure to keep them close to your body for maximum benefits.
  • It is advisable to keep them as much as possible in the upper part of the body since they are connected to Crown chakra and Third eye chakra.
  • Normally North side of the home is the best place to put these crystal to enhance the energy of the entire household.
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