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The Infinity Gembox

The Infinity Gembox

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Package Contains:
1 X Raw Green Aventurine
Multiple Purple Paradise Natural Stones
1 X Glass Crystal Bowl
1 X Instruction Card
Size: 6 in (Approx)

A Rare Combination Of Green Aventurine And Purple Paradise Natural Stones For Abundant Flow Of Wealth!

Green Aventurine (also known as “Stone of Opportunity”) is one of the best stone to attract good fortune and success.

Connected to Heart Chakra balance, this green stone is believed to foster optimism, enthusiasm and endless positive vibes.

This stone helps wearers to convert their nervousness into burning desire and urges them to come out of their comfort zone to embrace new challenges.

It pushes them for adventures with constant endeavors and maneuvers.
It helps them to grow as an iconic individual

Purple Paradise Natural stones are closely associated with water which amplifies energy in sauth-east corner.

How to use:

# South-east corner considered as wealth corner and placing this bowel in this corner is good to attract wealth and money.
# If not possible, then place it in south-east or east direction of any room.
# Place this glass bowl on your showcase (office table in case of office) such a way that you can notice it regularly.
# Touch each stone, according to its purpose and use, where you need to manifest something. Do this everyday at least for 2 minutes.

* Please Note: Shape & size of stones will vary due to it's raw natural form. These stones are not for any medication or treatments of any body illness.

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