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Card Of Abundance - Kuber Yantra

Card Of Abundance - Kuber Yantra

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Package includes:

1 X Pure Copper Card

1 X Sliver Plated Card

1 X Gold Plated Card 

What is Card Of Abundance? 

The Card Of Abundance is also known as Kuber Yantra. This kuber yantra numbers are in use since ancient times to attract Wealth and Prosperity. Also,this Kuber Yantra is known as Royal Yantra or magic square. To clarify Kuber yantra for pocket is highly effective when you have complete faith and belief in it.

Card Of Abundance - Kuber yantra numbers  for money is configured in such a way that each row of numbers in it will sum up to (72) 7+2 = 9 (Total Number Of Squares), because of which it also called Kubera kolam.


Kuber number 72 is the Key to Wealth and this is a number that is very successful for Business Owners.  

This  Kuber yantra for money, invites Opportunities and Good Luck. In addition to this, the Card Of Abundance-Kuber Yantra numbers attract money. Therefore, Kubera is the God of Wealth as per Hindu mythology. It is to be used on Wednesday Morning for best results.

Kuber yantra is used to seek blessings of Lord Kubera, the lord of wealth to bring financial Success. Moreover, these numbers are good for growth in Business and Career advancement.  

What are the benefits of card of abundance?

  • Attracts Money and Prosperity.
  • Opens New Sources of Income.
  • Increases Ability to Gather Funds.
  • Recommended for growth in Business and Career Advancement. 

Who should use card of abundance?

  • Business Owners to flourish in their Trade.
  • People who struggle to regain their lost Wealth.
  • People who desire to acquire material comforts.
  • People who strive to improve their life style.
  • People who wish to increase their Income Stream.
  • People who need more positive Cash Flow.

How to use Card Of Abundance - Kuber Yantra?

Firstly, place the abundance card made of pure copper in your wallet with currency. While, the silver plated kuber card of abundance is to be kept in your cash-box or locker and the Gold plated card  is to be kept in your home temple on red cloth. 

In conclusion,

Copper Card: Keep in your wallet with currency.

Silver Plated Card: Keep in your cash box/locker in a red cloth.

Gold Plated Card: Keep in your home temple on a red cloth.


Which is the best day to keep these Yantras?

The best day to keep the Card Of Abundance - Kuber Yantra is Wednesday.

But if it's not possible on Wednesday, even Friday is an auspicious day for Lord Kuber.

If you wish to perform puja while placing card of abundance, chant following Kuber Mantra. 

 “Om Shreem Om Hreem, Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem, Kleem Vitteswaray Namah”

Chant this kuber mantra 108 times on Wednesday.

What to do after placing order for this card of abundance?

  1. Clean your wallet and remove any unwanted bills or clutter.
  2. Keep a red cloth ready to place the gold card in your temple or sacred space.
  3. Clean your locker or cashbox, ensuring there are no unpaid bills or unnecessary items stored inside.
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