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Sacred Kuber Coin - Make a Wish

Sacred Kuber Coin - Make a Wish

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Product Description - Pure Copper Coin - 1 Set of 10 coins or 50 coins or 100 coins as per the option selected.

Charged Kuber Coins

Kuber Coin is charged by chanting Kuber Mantra 📿  and Laxmi Beej Mantra ♾️

These holy rituals 🪔 are performed under sacred Kalpa-vruksha 🌳 which is known as a Wish-tree.  

It is believed that this tree fulfils the wishes of devotees.

Note: For Donation Coins, please contact us directly on our customer care

Who is Lord Kuber?

According to Hindu Mythology Goddess Laxmi is the Owner of Wealth whereas Lord Kuber is the Custodian of Wealth.

Wealth includes Cash, Currency and Treasures in all forms such as Gold, Silver, Jewels, Diamonds, Pearls, and all worthy things including real estates, properties, vehicles, food-grains, cattle, etc. 

Goddess Laxmi creates and owns the Wealth. And Lord Kubera maintains, allocates and distributes the Wealth.

It is therefore very necessary for those who seeks stability and growth in finance, must worship both the creator of Wealth i.e. Goddess Laxmi and the custodian of Wealth i.e. Lord Kuber.

Legend of Lord Kuber:

According to Purana, Kuber was the original owner of Lanka, who was expelled by Ravana.  

However he was an ardent and sincere devotee of Lord Shiva. He performed severe penance to please Lord Shiva and invoke his blessings.

Impressed by his arduous penance, Lord Shiva bestowed him with the status of demi-god and appointed him as one of the Ashta Dik-pala. And Goddess Parvati made him the Custodian of Wealth. 

That is how, Kuber is said to have settled down in the city of Alaka-puri, high up in the mountains of Himalayas, being the guardian of the North direction, and also being the custodian of these holy mountains which are the source of worthy minerals and treasures.

Being blessed as demi-god he also became deity for several celestial beings such as Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras and those beings who resides in mountains, forests, waters and also those beings who stays in different forbidden and mystical parts of nature such as Samshan (crematoriums) viz. the Pishaccha (ghosts spirits) etc.

Kuber is therefore a known demi-god in other religion like Buddhism and Jainism also.

Plump, short-statured, and fair complexioned, he is depicted with a pot of Money in one hand and a Club in the other. He is adorned with many Jewels and precious articles.

His mount is an elephant, and his consorts are Riddhi and Charvi.

Importance of Kuber Coin:

In this coin, Lord Kubera can be seen seating with his wife Chitharini, gracing two pots viz. Sanganidhi (abundance) and Padmanidhi (prosperity). While Supreme Goddess Shree Mahalaxmi is seen showering her blessings on Lord Kuber and his wife.

It is believed that Venkateshwara (i.e. Tirupati Balaji) borrowed money from Kuber for his marriage and is still repaying interest on this loan amount. Therefore, people donate money in the Tirupati temple so that Lord Balaji can pay back his loan to Kuber.

It is believed that those who donates coins in a way help Lord Balaji in servicing his debts and therefore in return they get blessing of both Tirupati Balaji and Lord Kuber.

Importance of Kuber Coin Pooja:

Worshipping of Kuber Coin is like offering prayers to Goddess Mahalaxmi, Lord Kuber and Tirupati Balaji in one place. 

This service please all the Goddess of Wealth, Custodian of Wealth and the Users of Wealth under one roof.

It is believed that one who performs the Kubera Pooja get blessed with significant financial insights and finds new paths for income and growth in financial inflow. 

Regular worshipping of Lord Kubera and the Kuber Yantra helps enriching devotees life with good luck, wealth, and prosperity. 

It is believed that this pooja not only gives financial stability but can also help in restoring  lost wealth too. 

Worshipping of Lord Kuber on Laxmi Pujan in Diwali and on Akshay-tritiya is considered as immensely auspicious and bringing prosperity.

People do offer prayers in Amavas and Pornima to yield good results.

Performing the Kubera Pooja should be done with discipline and sincerity. There are separate rituals involving holy Mantras and Vidhis to perform this pooja.

Precious Items such as currency notes, coins, gold, jewellery, diamonds to be used to decorate the deity as well as for pooja.

Instructions for use:

This Coin is to be kept in Cash-box or Temple.

It is advisable to keep this Coin with Kuber Yantra, wherever it is placed.

The best day to keep this Coin is Friday morning.

But if it's not possible on Friday, even Wednesday is an auspicious day for Lord Kuber.

If you wish to perform puja while placing this Coin, chant following Kuber Mantra. 

“Om Shreem Om Hreem, Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem, Kleem Vitteswaray Namah”

Chant this kuber mantra 108 times on Wednesday.

Instructions for donations:

Those who wish to donate these coins, can donate same in any Balaji Temple. It is believed that one coin is equivalent to dash sahastra denomination. It means ten thousands worth of rupees. The donation worth one coin gives blessing ten thousands times from Lord Tirupati Balaji. 

Those who wish to donate these coins in huge quantities, need to talk to us directly at our customer desk, so that we can give them donation privilege with highly subsidized charity rates as a token of our love.

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