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The Power of Eternal Shiva
The Power of Eternal Shiva
The Power of Eternal Shiva
The Power of Eternal Shiva
The Power of Eternal Shiva
The Power of Eternal Shiva
The Power of Eternal Shiva

The Power of Eternal Shiva

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1) SHIV YANTRA [Rs. 1299/-]

-> 1 X Pure Brass Yantra of 8.5CM X 8.5CM


2) SHIV YANTRA with ESSENCE OF SHIVA [Full Set for Rs. 2998/-]

-> 1 X Pure Brass Yantra of 8.5CM X 8.5CM
-> Ceramic Incense Holder top - 1 nos.
-> Ceramic Base - 1 nos.
-> Shiv-ling - 1 nos.
-> Wind Glass - 1 nos.
-> Incense Cones - 30 nos.
-> Maha-mrityunjay Mantra Raksha Kavach - 1 nos. (Pure Brass. Size: 12.5 cm x 4.5 cm)

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Shiva Yantra is used since ancient times to offer prayers to Lord Shiva and to attain steady fortune through his blessings.

Lord Shiva (also known as Mahadeva) is revered as the deity of eternity, that is something which is present at all times and something which has no end or beginning.

Lord Shiva is an Adi-tatva, which means an energy that has come into being from nothing and the only space which dissolves everything into it.

Lord Shiva is an ultimate wisdom which is formless and has no creator above him. He is timeless and is believed to be in existence since an infinite time.

As per Hindu Mythology, it is believed that Lord Shiva will remain in existence even after everything is destructed and he will dissolve entire universe into it to recreate new one.

It is said that the 'Deities' reside in their Yantras and by performing regular 'Puja' (worship) of Yantras, one can appease them, remove the malefic effects of planets, and increase the flow of positive influences.

The Shiv Yantra is considered as the most powerful yantra and the upasana (prayer) of Shiv Yantra is as good as worship of Lord Shiva. Keeping Shiv Yantra is believed as the most auspicious deed which bestows its worshipper with good health, happiness, fortune and fame.

The mystical powers of this Yantra have been narrated in many sacred ancient scriptures like Mahashiva Puran, where Lord Shiva explained the importance of Shiv Yantra to Mahadevi Parvati.

As an oil is essential to light up lamp, this Yantra is necessary for the devotees of Shiva to fulfil their wishes.

Lord Shiva is known for his generous nature of helping his devotees and also to dispel all sort of their fears, mishaps and misfortunes. It is seen that Shiva Yantra is particularly used by some devotees as a protector from influences of evil forces, dreadful diseases, disabilities or death from accidents.

It is advised to keep this yantra only if you have complete faith and belief in it.


  • It attracts Fortune and Fame.
  • It opens new avenues of Incomes.
  • It increases an ability to gather Funds.
  • It makes you courageous and free from all fears / worries of death, grave dangers and fatal diseases.
  • It is believed that the person who performs regular puja (prayer) to Yantra, remains in good health and free from all ailments.
  • A Yantra is helpful in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, getting rid of tensions, winning litigations/controversies, ward-off diseases and to progress in meditation.
  • By having Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in house, worshipping it every day one can fulfil one’s desires and attain one’s goals. 


  • The best day to keep the Shiv Yantra is Monday.
  • Keep the Shiv Yantra in a sacred place in your home/office on Monday morning.
  • You can also keep it in your temple or prayer room, if you have it separately.
  • Keep in such way that it is visible from all sides.
  • Do worship it every day.
  • If you wish to perform puja while placing this yantra chant following Shiv Mantra. 

“Om Tat-purushay Vidmahe, Shri Mahadevay Dheemahi, Tanno Rudra Pracha Udayat”

  • Chant this Shiv Mantra for 108 times on Monday.


Shiv Linga is the formless existence of Lord Shiva, who is considered as omnipresent and omnipotent power. Since ancient times, Lord Shiva (also known as Mahadev) is being worshipped in the form of Shiva Linga.

It is believed that the divine energy concentrated in this aniconic structure is offered prayers by showering earthly elements, mainly water or milk. This is called "Abhishekam", which is a very sacred and auspicious process in many religious faiths.

The "Essence of Shiva" gives you this benefit of Abhishek right at your home.



Mahamrityunjay Mantra Raksha Kavach is a Premium Brass Mantra that reminds you to chant this mantra for the well being of you and your family! This Maha Mantra represents lord Shiva who is our savior form all evil and negative forces. 

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