Natural Ruby (Manik)
Natural Ruby (Manik)
Natural Ruby (Manik)
Natural Ruby (Manik)

Natural Ruby (Manik)

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* Natural Certified Gemstone


Red, shiny and mysterious: the ruby is a gemstone that has been loved and adored for centuries.

Natural ruby is a gemstone that benefits the wearer by enhancing intuition and wisdom. It is a stone of growth and prosperity, promoting friendship and love.

Ruby which is also known as Manik is stone of the Sun, a gemstone for leaders and revolutionaries. With its powerful energy, ruby can help you find your way to success.

Manik/Ruby has a deep and rich red color, which signifies strength and vitality. It is believed to revitalize and restore balance and harmony in life.

Natural Ruby is a stone of victory. It helps the wearer to attain victory over rivals and opponents in personal life or professional front.

 It provides stability, courage and protection with it's powerful metaphysical properties.

Here's a natural ruby that's perfect if you want to recharge your energy and pursue your goals with renewed enthusiasm.

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