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Natural Rose Quartz Bracelet

Natural Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Wear This To Shine Your Love!

This bracelet is made with 100% Pure and Natural Rose Quartz stone, which is known as "The Stone of Love" in the world of Crystals.

This Pink-colored stone is said to be a lucky gemstone for people in love.

Rose Quartz has roots in ancient Greek and Roman mythology with the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite and Venus respectively.

It is believed that this stone connects true lovers for eternity.

It works in purifying hearts and injecting deep feelings of love, care and friendship in surrounding.

This stone flourishes unconditional love.

It is a must-have ornament for anyone who wants to find true love.

It makes you comfortable in love!

Rose Quartz bracelet reduces stress in the wearer and makes them feel at east while interacting with their loved ones.

This stone is used not only to attract the love but also to restore trust and harmony in relationships.  

A Rose Quartz bracelet is the perfect present for that someone special in your life.

If you are looking to gift something precious to your loved ones, then try a Rose Quartz Bracelet.

Beautiful and elegant, this bracelet has a great aesthetic appeal to all age groups.

Its pale pink hue is associated with love, compassion and warm feelings.

Enjoy unconditional love and harmony with an exquisite Rose Quartz bracelet.


• Wear it preferably on your non dominant hand. (Ex: If your are right handed, wear it on your left hand)
• In other times you can keep it in your bag or purse.
• Make sure to keep it close to your body for maximum benefits.


How to identify your Rose Quartz?

Pale pink crystals are pure natural crystals and are often priced much higher than the dark pink which are artificially made. 

This Bracelet is made of high quality natural crystals. It is perfect for men as well as women. Perfect for everyday use with any outfit!

This beautiful bracelet will get you noticed!

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