Natural Crystals Home Decor

Natural Crystals Home Decor

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Package Contains:
Blue Apatite Natural Crystals
1 X Glass Tortoise
1 X Glass Bowl
What are Blue Apatite Crystals?
Blue Apatite Crystals are considered to be "Crystals Of Manifestation". These Natural crystals are raw, unearthed from the mines and have multiple benefits.  
Blue Apatite Crystals helps improving personal strength for achieving your goals that may be spiritual for materialistic.
The Perfect combination of Tortoise + Blue Apatite Crystals utilizes the water energy for purification of the Northern energies.
Directions Of Use:
1. Keep the Glass Bowl in the North Direction of you Home.
2. Add the Blue Apatite Crystals to the Bowl.
3. Place the Tortoise in the Center while Its Head Facing the East Direction.
4. Fill Half the Bowl with fresh water until its legs are submerged.
5. Clean the water every week or whenever necessary.

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