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Natural Clear Quartz Pencil

Natural Clear Quartz Pencil

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Natural Clear Quartz (Spatik) is the crystal for planet Venus and is considered to the best crystal for Reiki healing.

Quartz is considered to be one of the most versatile healing crystals and is known as the Master Healer.

Clear Quartz is a healing crystal that is known for its amplifying properties. A Clear Quartz bracelet can be worn to amplify your thoughts and intentions.

Clear Quartz is a healing crystal that is associated with many qualities. It can help with maintaining balance, spiritual work, and even mild pains. To get the most out of your Clear Quartz, try wearing this bracelet!

Clear Quartz is the powerhouse of stones, with a very high vibration that can be used in almost any situation. This is an ideal stone for grounding, energizing, and balancing.

Clear Quartz can be used for enhancing your Spirituality, Manifesting, Psychic Healing, Physical Healing and Enhancing one's Luck.

The Clear Quartz pencil works for all types of healing work. It can be used to draw an energy line, point out a blockage in the body, or to cleanse and energize an area.

Clear Quartz Pencil will help you to achieve your desired goal.

It can be used in a variety of ways including making a connection with the spiritual realm to heal and bless, banishing negative energies and purifying the energy around you, bringing spiritual positivity.

Clear Quartz is a crystal that can be programmed to work for consciousness and deep spiritual healing.

Add a touch of magic to your life with this natural Clear Quartz Bracelet and pencil. Both are made from pure, high-quality quartz, and will carry a charge that can be used to clear away negative energy.


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