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Natural evil eye bracelet (Black Tourmaline)
Natural evil eye bracelet (Black Tourmaline)
Natural evil eye bracelet (Black Tourmaline)
Natural evil eye bracelet (Black Tourmaline)

Natural evil eye bracelet (Black Tourmaline)

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Black tourmaline bracelet is an evil eye charm that's made of 100% natural black tourmaline, also known as evil eye beads.

The black tourmaline bracelet is made of crystals that are polished to an exquisite shine.

The black tourmaline bracelet is an excellent piece of jewelry for those who are experiencing high levels of stress, or those who face problems in getting things done and also offers evil eye protection. Black tourmaline bracelet is also called evil eye bracelet.

Black tourmaline is said to be one of the most powerful grounding Stone of Protection which has been used by people to get rid of an Evil Eye and to ward-off Unwanted things entering their home/office.

This evil eye bracelet for men has a beautiful shiny black color with dark metallic luster and is recommended for anyone who has difficulty connecting to the earth.

This bracelet can be worn or carried to provide a protective barrier against negativity.

Do evil eye bracelets work?

Absolutely, yes when it's made of natural crystals.

It makes you energized and absorbs negative energies that have bad influence.

Black tourmaline is a powerful energy Stone which not only absorbs negative energy from the environment, but it also transforms same into positive ions and release it back into the environment.

It can help your mind to get rid of negative thoughts like excessive worries, anxieties and feelings of worthlessness. It is also said that black tourmaline bracelet is good in cancer treatment especially after chemotherapy. It offers relief to the patient.

It is a perfect Stone for those with busy lives who are not able to relax and sleep better due to hectic lifestyles.

Which hand to wear evil eye bracelet?

This bracelet is to be worn on your left hand as it's believed to be the emotional side. 

Black Tourmaline can be used on daily basis. If you are using for first time, start wearing from Saturday.

This bracelet is made from a high-quality crystals to help you protect and balance your energy. Black Tourmaline Crystals can last long, only don't use frequently in water.

The classic black tourmaline bracelet is a must have. It purifies and grounds you at the same time, leaving you feeling refreshed and alive.

People also use a Black Tourmaline crystal to place near there home entrance. But a Black Tourmaline in bracelet form is highly effective a you can carry these powerful crystals on the go.

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