Natural Black Tourmaline

Natural Black Tourmaline

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Negative Energy?

Get Rid Of It With Black Tourmaline

If you feel stuck and cannot get things done, Black Tourmaline can help you with it!

Natural black tourmaline is quarried from the earth and is one of the most powerful energy stones..

Negative energy can accumulate over time and create a feeling of heaviness and stagnation.

This is where natural tourmaline helps remove these negative energies and keep your home energized.

Black tourmaline is a powerful absorber of this energy, transforming it into positive ions and releasing it from the environment.

Not only does it remove negative energy, but it also keeps out electromagnetic radiation.

Perfect for those with busy lives. You'll be able to relax and sleep better!

Protect your home and family with this natural black tourmaline.

A dark, hard mineral with a metallic luster, black tourmaline is an essential protection stone.

Black tourmaline is a crystal that can absorb negative energy, acting as a shield of protection.

It also protects against electromagnetic pollution created by electronic devices.

How To Use:

1. Hold it under running tap water for 10-20 secs.

2. Clean it dry (Make sure to dry it completely)

3. Keep it near the entrance of your home (in any direction) or you can keep it on your work desk in office / home.

4. Clean the crystal once in a week.



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