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Minimalist Krishna Idol

Minimalist Krishna Idol

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Package Includes:
1 X Krishna Idol
1 X Krishna Frames (5 pieces)

Introducing the exquisite Krishna idol, a beautiful representation of the beloved Hindu deity.

Made from premium quality materials, this idol is expertly crafted to capture every intricate detail of Lord Krishna's divine form.

Standing at a height of 12 inches, this idol showcases Lord Krishna in his classic pose, playing his enchanting flute. 

The idol's vibrant colors and intricate design add to its overall appeal, making it a stunning piece of home decor that will add a touch of elegance and spirituality to any space.

The idol's sturdy base ensures that it stands firm and secure, making it a perfect piece for home decor. 

The 5 frames that are included with this are made of wood(mdf) and are easy to stick on wall. The total width of all frames combined is 30 inches. The heights of each frames are: Large(center)-18 inches, Medium(2 frames)-12 inches and small(2 frames)-9inches respectively. Total set of 5 frames.

Whether you are a devotee of Lord Krishna or simply appreciate the beauty of this iconic figure, this idol is sure to captivate and inspire you.

This Krishna idol makes for an excellent gift for loved ones on special occasions such as weddings, housewarming ceremonies, or any other auspicious event. 

It is also a great addition to any collection of spiritual or cultural artifacts, making it a must-have for enthusiasts of Hindu mythology.

Bring home this magnificent Krishna idol today and add a touch of divinity and grace to your surroundings.

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