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Laxmi Pujan Kamal Patra

Laxmi Pujan Kamal Patra

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Laxmi Pujan Kamal Patra - Divine Abode of Goddess Laxmi

Product Details:
1) Goddess Laxmi Idol - Mix-metal - 3.5 Inch - 1 No.
2) Laxmi Yantra (Shree Yantra) - Pure Copper - 3.5 X 3.5 Inch - 1 No.
2) Laxmi Pujan Kamal Patra - Mix-metal Multipurpose Urali - 14 inch Diameter - 1 No.
3) Tealight Diya - Wax - 12 pieces

As per ancient Indian beliefs, Goddess Laxmi comes to earth on Ashwin-amavas, a night popularly called as "Laxmi Pujan" ratri (night).

It is believed that those who remain awake and do heartily prayers on this night, get direct blessings of Goddess Laxmi and she showers them with abundant wealth and prosperity.

Since ancient times, Laxmi Pujan is being done in Kamal Patra (a Lotus flower), which is considered to be favourite of Goddess Laxmi.

How to perform this Pujan?
1) Put Goddess Laxmi Idol in center of Kamal Patra.
2) Fill the Kamal Patra with the flowers petals around Goddess Laxmi
3) Light up all the diyas surrounding the Kamal Patra
4) Chant Laxmi Beej Mantra for 108 times.
5) Do Kumkum-archan to Goddess Laxmi during this matra chanting.

While most of the people perform Laxmi Pooja only on Diwali, however it should be done as a regular daily ritual to fulfill all your desires for wealth and prosperity..

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