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Large Krishna Idol

Large Krishna Idol

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The Luxurious Krishna Idol for eternal peace and prosperity!

Material: Our Large Krishna Idol is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials (marble dust) which is known for durability and aesthetic appeal. It also ensures longevity and retains the intricate details of the idol over time.

Size and Dimensions: The Krishna Idol is of 27 inches in height, which is carefully proportioned to showcase the beauty and essence of Lord Krishna's divine form.

Craftsmanship: The idol is crafted with extraordinary attention to detail by skilled artisans who specialize in creating sacred sculptures. Their expertise and dedication result in a masterpiece that captures the essence of Lord Krishna's divine presence.

Exquisite Features: From the delicate facial expressions to the graceful posture, every feature is meticulously sculpted to portray the divine beauty and charm of Krishna.

Finishing and Coloring: The idol is painted with metallic finish to enhance its visual appeal. The colors chosen are vibrant and carefully selected to reflect the traditional representations of Lord Krishna, adding a touch of authenticity to the idol.

Packaging: To ensure the safety of the idol during transit, it is carefully packaged with utmost care. We take every measure to ensure that the idol reaches you in pristine condition, ready to be cherished and admired.

Who is Lord Krishna ?

Lord Krishna, a central figure in Hinduism, is revered by millions of devotees worldwide. His significance lies in the following ten aspects: 

Divine Incarnation: Lord Krishna is considered the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, believed to descend to Earth to restore righteousness and protect the virtuous.

Universal Teacher: Krishna's teachings in the Bhagavad Gita hold timeless wisdom and guidance for all, emphasizing duty, devotion, and detachment.

Symbol of Love: As the embodiment of pure love, his enchanting pastimes with devotees and his divine consort Radha symbolize the eternal love between the soul and the Supreme.

Epitome of Compassion: Krishna's compassion knows no bounds, as he extends love and grace to all, irrespective of nationality, culture, or background.

Cultural Icon: Beyond religious boundaries, Krishna's influence extends to art, literature, music, dance, and folklore, inspiring countless creative expressions.

Protector and Friend: He stands as a trusted friend and protector to those who seek refuge in him, guiding them through life's challenges.

Divine Leela: Krishna's playful and endearing leelas (divine acts) captivate hearts, revealing his childlike innocence and divine charm.

Spiritual Liberation: His teachings emphasize the path of devotion (bhakti) as a means to attain spiritual liberation and oneness with the divine.

Interfaith Appeal: Krishna's universal teachings and his portrayal as a multi-faceted personality attract followers from diverse faiths seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Eternal Presence: Lord Krishna's message of love and righteousness continues to resonate across generations, inspiring millions to lead a life of virtue and devotion.

People choose to keep Krishna Idols in their living or working spaces for various reasons, including:

Devotional Practice: For many individuals, having an idol of a deity, such as Lord Krishna or any other divine figure, serves as a focal point for their daily devotional practices. It helps create a sacred atmosphere for prayers, meditation, and spiritual contemplation.

Symbolic Representation: Idols represent the presence of the divine in a tangible form. They are symbols of the higher power and serve as a reminder of the spiritual aspect of life amidst the material world.

Inspiration and Guidance: Having an idol can offer inspiration and guidance in one's daily life. It can serve as a role model, reminding people of the qualities they wish to cultivate, such as compassion, wisdom, or strength.

Peace and Serenity: The presence of an idol can create a sense of peace and serenity in the surroundings. Many people find solace and comfort in the divine presence, especially during times of stress or challenges.

Family Tradition: In some families, it's a long-standing tradition to have a particular deity's idol at home, passed down from generation to generation, as a way to honor their heritage and cultural practices.

Fostering Belief and Faith: For believers, the idol serves as a concrete expression of their faith. It reinforces their belief in the divine and provides a sense of security and protection.

Cultural and Artistic Value: Idols are often intricately crafted and hold cultural and artistic value. They add beauty and aesthetics to the home or office space.

Creating Sacred Space: Keeping an idol in the home or office creates a sacred space, promoting a sense of spiritual energy and sanctity in the environment.

Lord Krishna is one such universal figure who has followers across various other religious faiths. He is famously known as Sakha means Pal or Friend !



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