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Intuition Enhancer 852Hz (Third Eye Chakra)

Intuition Enhancer 852Hz (Third Eye Chakra)

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This frequency is infused with a Switchword ConvaLexa repetition (51 times)


852Hz Frequency aligns with the transformative energy of the Third Eye Chakra, unlocking your inner vision and expanding your intuitive awareness. 

This meticulously crafted audio experience is designed to harmonize with the potent energy of the Third Eye Chakra, awakening your inner wisdom and enhancing your intuitive abilities.

Infused with the energy of switchwords, which are specific words believed to have a vibrational impact on our subconscious mind, Convalexa is aimed at channeling positive vibrations for financial well-being. It acts as a catalyst to align your thoughts and actions with abundance.

"Intuition Enhancer 852Hz Pure Frequency" – is a specially crafted audio frequency designed to elevate your intuition and empower your decision-making skills in the world where decisions are key to success .

How to Use:

  1. Timing is Key: Listen to the 11-minute audio every morning before the share market opens. Allow the frequency to immerse you in a state of heightened awareness.

  2. Mindful Pause: Take a 10-minute break after listening. This pause allows the frequencies to resonate within, aligning your mind with intuitive insights.

  3. Volume Control: Keep the volume low during the session to ensure a comfortable and effective experience. The subtle tones are designed to gently guide your mind without overwhelming your senses.

  4. Patience is Key: Initially, you may experience a mild headache as your mind adjusts to the enhanced frequency. This is a natural part of the process and a sign that the Intuition Enhancer is actively engaging with your senses.

Unlock the potential of your intuition. Embrace the Intuition Enhancer 852Hz Pure Frequency as your daily ritual, and let the power of intuition guide you to more confident and successful decisions. 


* please note: This audio is designed to enhance intuition for everyone. Please do your research and analysis before trading and invest wisely. 

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