Fragrance Of Temple

Fragrance Of Temple

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Bring home the "Fragrance Of Temple" for a Divine experience!
Fragrance Of Temple, is a Natural way for a blissful atmosphere with ingredients that have been used since ancient times.
It contains Pure Gangajal, Ashtagandha (Mixture of eight fragrant - ayurvedic herbs) and a Secret divine fragrance!
Gangajal (water of Ganga) has the power of warding off all the evils of Kalyuga. Therefore, since many ages, people have been sprinkling it in their home to purify the ill effects.
Ashtagandha (Mixture of eight fragrant - ayurvedic herbs) is an important part of puja. Ashtagandha is used in temples and have soothing effect.
Fragrance Of Temple is perfect for daily use in for a Blissful Soothing touch to your home!
* Note: Please spray in mid air in your home in for optimum results. Do not spray on clothes or wall as ashtaganda may cause stains on it.

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