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Cosmic Natural Crystals Home Decor

Cosmic Natural Crystals Home Decor

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Hand-picked 11 Best Natural Stones For 11 Best Benefits!

A Unique Basket Which Includes All Necessary Stones Required At Home.

A Premium Special Package Catering Good Luck, Abundance, Protection, Confidence, Success, Growth, Healing & Cleansing needs.



Lapis Lazuli Stone (blue color) is used to activate Third Eye Chakra, which is considered as door to Wisdom.

Hence this stone is also called as Wisdom Stone.

Ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli for Spiritual Advancement and Healings due to its leaning towards Cosmic Energies.


Carnelian is a Stone of Action, that will push you to find your own way out.

It will give you the determination to move forward on a new path in life.

The vibration of this red stone motivates you to chase your goals with best direction.

Carnelian is therefore considered as a Stabilizing stone.


Lemon Quartz stone is effective for those who lack concentration.

Known as Stone of Focus, it helps wearer to filter out distractions.

It boosts wearer’s creativity and gives him power to express himself without hesitation.

It helps to reduce anxiety and remove low self-belief.

Wearer, develops belief and starts getting assistance in times of need.


Citrine, (Also known as Merchant's Stone) is considered to be a premier crystal of Wealth manifestation.

This Yellow stone helps strengthen positive and vibrant flow of energy.

Ancient Romans used citrine stone as an amulet for attracting Good Luck and to prosper financially.



Known as Stone of Protection, Black Tourmaline act as a Shield from Negativity.

Not only does it absorb negative energy from environment, but it also works on transforming it into positive one.

This black rock has been used by people to get rid of an Evil Eye and to ward-off Unwanted things entering their home/office.


Moonstone (also called as a Stone of Beginnings) is considered a good stone for “New Beginnings”.

This moon-colored stone helps wearer to initiate a fresh start with rejuvenated energy.

Moonstone was considered a divine gem by Romans and Greeks who associated it with their gods and goddesses.

A Peace loving stone which not only evokes tranquility but is also known to enhances intuition and self-drive abilities.


Jade stone is a popular as the Stone of Happiness.

Jade is believed to be beneficial in enhancing maturity in relationships.

This Stone can charge the environment around you with positivity and joyfulness.

Jade stone can help you heal from emotional wounds and “feeling low” state of mind.


Green Fluorite (also called as the Genius Stone) is used for its power to inspire new ideas, originality and quick thinking.

Fluorite gives form and structure to thoughts, stirs creativity and open ups mind to limitless possibilities.

Fluorite, a luminous crystal, is an extraordinary creation of Nature that resonates with the human mind in vitality and balance in life.

Fluorite is believed to carry stable cosmic frequency that brings order, unity and harmony to the most scattered, chaotic and discordant energies in nature.

Fluorite is said to help wearer work through complex issues by expanding consciousness.


This Pink-colored stone (also called Stone of Love) is said to be a lucky gemstone for people in love.

It is believed that this stone connects true lovers for eternity.

Rose Quartz has roots in ancient Greek and Roman mythology with the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite and Venus respectively.

This stone flourishes unconditional love.

It works in purifying hearts and injecting true heartily feelings of love, care and friendship in surrounding.

It is believed to help wearer to restore trust and harmony in relationships


Known as Moods Balancer stone, Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer.

It helps to relieves stress and fatigues, balances mood swings, dispels anger, dissolves sadness and removes fear and anxiety.

Amethyst means ‘not intoxicated’ in Greek.

Ancient Greeks believed that this stone could stop the wearer from self-degradation due to intoxication.

Buddhist believed that Amethyst augments harmony and peace during meditation.

This violet colored stone is believed to carry a serene energy in it which acts as a detoxifier to mind, body and soul.

In some western ancient civilizations amethyst stone was used for anti-ageing beliefs.


This Blue-green stone, known as Stone of Communication, for its ability to enhance compassion in wearer for effective communication.

Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people.

This stone inspires the wearer to be more rational, compassionate and feel at ease while talking with friends, loved ones, family, and business partners.

This stone also helps wearer to keep safe distance from abusive and unwanted people by spotting harmful patterns of communications.

Ancient Egypt, Roman and Greeks associated Aquamarine stones with mystical powers and energies.

Westerners also believed that Aquamarine stone will protect them against spirits and dark forces.

How to use:

# Keep these raw stones in glass bowl and place it on your showcase at home (office table in case of office) such a way that you can notice it regularly.

# Touch each stone, according to its purpose which you wish to manifest. Do this everyday at least for 2 minutes.

* Please Note: Shape & size of stones will vary due to it's raw natural form. These stones are not for any medication or treatments of any body illness.

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