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Citrine Fortune Tree

Citrine Fortune Tree

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package includes:

1 X Natural Citrine Crystal tree


Tree That Attracts Fortune!

A Tree, made of 100% Natural Citrine Stones, is considered to be a premier crystal of Wealth manifestation.

Citrine Stone (also known as Merchant's Stone), is used by Business owners to flourish in their trade.

Ancient Romans used Citrine Stone as an amulet for attracting Good Luck in their adventures.

Citrine Stone is mainly associated with Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra.

These Chakras are gateways to manifest abundance with the intention to prosper financially.

Therefore, Citrine Tree is the perfect choice for those who want to establish tranquility with Wealth and Fortune throughout their life.

This Tree is considered effective in cleaning negative vibes around you and charge your surroundings.

Citrine Fortune Tree is also used in Vastu Healing to remove Money Blocks.  


# It attracts Good Luck and Prosperity.

# It opens new avenues of Incomes.

# It removes blocks and repels bad luck.

# It channelize energy force to focus on wealth.

# Recommended for growth in Business and Career.  

Instruction: How to use it?

# The ideal location to keep this tree is in the South-East portion of your home or office.

# Make sure to keep it close to your Cash-box or Locker for maximum benefits.

# It is advisable to place it as much as possible at height such that it is visible from all sides.

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