Keeping This Number Yantra In Your Wallet And Locker Is Said To Bring In Abundant Flow Of Wealth


Card of Abundance (Kuber Yantra) can attract wealth, prosperity, abundance and luck for any person who keeps this in wallet, cash-box or locker.

It is considered as one of the money attracting symbols.

But what exactly is the Card of Abundance? And how can it help you to attain wealth and prosperity? In this blog post, we answer all of these questions and more.

Kubera is the lord of Wealth and Prosperity. He is also known as the divine treasurer of all Wealth. As per ancient scriptures, Kubera is Yaksha (a demi-god) who is entrusted with task of Wealth-protection. He is also known as Dhanadipati (Lord of Wealth) and Dhanada (Giver of Wealth). Kubera is regarded as Dik-pala i.e. the Regent of North Direction, which is the cardinal direction of Wealth Energy.

Lord Srinivasa (reincarnation of Lord Vishnu), borrowed money from Kubera to handle expenses of his marriage with Princes Padmavati (reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi). In remembrance of this, his devotees go to Tirupati to donate money, so that Lord Srinivasa can pay back his loan to Kubera.

The word "kuber" means "wealth and prosperity." It is believed that keeping Energized Card of Abundance, pleases Kubera the God Of Wealth.


What are the benefits of Card Of Abundance (Kuber Yantra)?

Card Of Abundance (Kuber Yantra) is a mystical power holder, designed to unleash the hidden  mystical powers and attract money. 

The card of abundance is said to Manifest your monetary goals. It Opens New Sources of Income and Increases Ability to Gather Funds.

It is a special Yantra that includes the powers of Lord Kuber, one of the nine Adhkhanda and Shukra.

It consists of a special type of configuration that has been designed to give prosperity and success to the person who owns it.

Card of Abundance (Kuber yantra) have numbers which represent the combined strengths and influences of all the planets and their respective deities.

Kubera yantra number is a sequence of mystical numbers. The configuration is in such a way that each row of numbers in it will sum up to 72. 

This number 72 is said to be the best among all the numbers of kuber.

According to beliefs 72 is a lucky number that increases prosperity and wealth in life.


kuber yantra numbers yantra

Yantras are specifically designed for different purposes. Kuber Yantra is used to attract wealth, success and prosperity. 

Card of Abundance (Kuber Yantra) is an effective remedy for all money related problems.



How To Use the Card Of Abundance?

The Card Of Abundance needs to be energized with the following mantra 108 times.

  “Om Shreem Om Hreem, Shreem Hreem

Kleem Shreem, Kleem Vitteswaray Namah”

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It is also very important to understand where to place the card of abundance for maximum benefit. 

  • The card made of Copper is to be placed in your wallet with currency of any denomination.
  • The Silver plated card is to be kept in your locker or cash-box or wherever you keep your money.
  • The Gold plated card is to be kept in your Home Temple/Mandir. It can also be kept on your office/study table.

This should be done on Wednesday or Friday Morning,

But always remember to keep wealth with it !t can be a silver coin, gold or even currency. Money and law of attraction go hand in hand and, money attracts money. 

For those who wish to perform puja, here's how you can.

Take a clean red cloth, and place it in your home temple/mandir. Place the Energized  Card of Abundance on it. First sprinkle some turmeric with your ring finger (finger next to little finger), and then sprinkle kumkum on it. 

After that, chant this Mantra “Om Shreem Om Hreem, Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem, Kleem Vitteswaray Namah” 108 times. Once sthapana is done, do not move it frequently. You can chant this mantra every Wednesday and clean it once in a week.

 Hope you find this post useful. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Can I worship the copper yantra on Friday evening and keep in the wallet?


Do I need to chant the mantra(108 times) if I order card from stufflane or is it already energized. Please advise.

Sukesh Mulki

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