Does Shree Yantra Really Work?

Shree Yantra symbolizes divine power and is worshiped since ancient times.

Yantra is a sacred tool made of geometrical shapes. It is precisely crafted in a symmetry which release positive vibrations and helps you grow in all aspects of life!   

To understand this you must first know that that the Yantra also called a Yantram is a part of astrological science.

It is also known as Maha Meru or Maha Yantra as all the other yantras are derived from this yantra.



Does it really work?


The Supreme powers of the Shree Yantra are said to work anytime and anywhere, no matter what day, time or yug.

This Yantra has very strong cosmic powers and has the ability to focus your energies and desires to make your wishes come true.

Here's what the 9 layers of this yantra mean:

  1. Trailokya Mohana - That which attracts the Universe
  2. Sarvasaa Paripuraka - Fulfiller of Desire
  3. Sarva Samkshobahana - All Exciting
  4. Sarva Saubhagyadayaka - Brings Good Fortune
  5. Sarvarthasadhaka - Helps in Manifestation 
  6. Sarva Rakshakara - Protects Everyone
  7. Sarva Rogahara - Destroys all Diseases
  8. Sarva Siddhiprada - Gives Success in all areas
  9. Sarva Anandamaya - Gives Utmost Happiness

Together the nine triangles are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web symbolic of the entire cosmos.

It creates material and spiritual abundance in your life.


Five of the nine triangles point downwards and represent Shakti, the feminine power. The remaining four represent Shiva, the masculine, and point upwards.

The Shree Yantra is also a very precisely constructed design based on the Golden Ratio, a constant equation observed in all of creation.


The Shree Yantra is also considered to represent the microcosmic level of the universe and the human body.

This powerful yantra can help you solve all your problems and clear all negativity in your life. When someone uses the Shree Yantra he can begin to create his own reality. Using this yantra will bring peace and harmony into your life by clearing your path from all the obstacles.

It gives you energies to go beyond your limitations.


How to use Shree Yantra /  Where to place it:

1. On Friday Morning clean the yantra with a clean soft cloth.  

2. This Yantra is to be kept in the North-East direction of your home. Hence clean the North-East corner of your home.

3. Spread a Red or Yellow cloth and place this yantra over it.

4. Chant this mantra 108 times - "Aim Hreem Namah". You can also use a Japa Mala to perform this chant.

That's it! You can clean it and chant the mantra every Friday.

Important Note: The side where all the triangles align in a straight line should face the west direction.


Which Shree Yantra should you buy?

Ideally Shree Yantra made of Brass or Panch-Dhatu are perfect for use.

The brass made Shree Yantra gives classic or antique touch to your home where as a Panch-Dhatu made Shree Yantra adds a modern and elegant touch to your home decor!

It is believed that positive vibrations and blessings gained by performing 100 Ashvamegha Yajna (अश्वमेध यज्ञ) is gained by just seeing the Shree Yantra.

In short, Shree Yantra has the the power to fulfill all your wishes through it's cosmic energies and help you grow spiritually.



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